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Step-By-Step Guide to Filing a Complaint with a Grievance Mechanism

The following step-by-step guide to filing a complaint with a grievance mechanism provides general advice for complainants to follow. Given the wide variety of grievance mechanisms, it is strongly advised you check the rules and procedures for each mechanism you are considering.

This guidance aims to familiarise you with the types of issues you may need to consider, decisions you may need to make, activities you may need to carry out, and information you may need to document in order to file a complaint with a grievance mechanism.

Step 1: Consider filing a complaint

Step 2: Identify the entities causing or contributing to the harm

Step 3: Map the grievance mechanisms that may apply

Step 4: Identify your desired outcomes

Step 5: Choose the appropriate grievance mechanism

Step 6: Prepare for the complaint

Step 7: Write the complaint

Step 8: File the complaint

Step 9: Engage in the process

Step 10: Follow-up