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The process of filing a complaint can be time consuming and complicated. SOMO has extensive experience in helping groups to prepare complaints and can give advice on choosing the most appropriate grievance mechanism.

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SOMO can help to identify other sources of support or interested parties, as well as help you to identify and understand the relevant social and environmental standards and principles the company may be violating. SOMO can also help you to obtain information on corporate structures and their supply and value chains, or to assess company performance and their impact on sustainable development. SOMO provides training courses focusing on research skills and methods, campaign strategies, relevant standards and instruments and use of grievance mechanisms.

For more information about SOMO, the Human Rights & Grievance Mechanisms Programme, or for further assistance, please contact:

Sarphatistraat 30, 1018 GL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 639 12 91
E: grievancemechanisms [AT]